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Lysander / Scarlett


  • Name: Alexander Smith née Steel
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Above average in height, strong jaw line along with symmetrical features. He comes off put together, well groomed, and well dressed. “Sharp and tactless”, as he always says. 
  • Personality: Joyful, vigorous, opinionated, charming—manipulative, harsh, tactless, apathetic. 
  • Personification: Spite
  • Ability: Disruption

 To disrupt all systems whether they be biological, mechanical or even supernatural—Though his ability can be draining and the more elaborate or large the ability he’s trying to disrupt might need him to channel his ability, other then just manifesting it and it happens. 

  • Who they like better: His mother, Scarlett, since he is pretty much the spitting image of her along with a few minor tweaks of masculinity thanks to his father. He gets along with his mother and their cynical nature just clicks, compared to how Lysander views the world.
  • Who they take after more: Scarlett….. Spite and Chaos go hand in hand, granted though he cause less trouble than what his mother did at her age thanks to his father’s way of raising him, but he’s still a hand full. 
  • Personal Head canon:

Alexander has only dated one person in his life which was the daughter of Keegan and Ever Blood… He’s never experienced such a thrill in his life, though much to the blame of him being spite he quickly burned that bridge—even if till this day he wish he didn’t.

  • Face Claim:

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Keegan x Scarlett (Or Scar and Ashton! I just couldn't help but send another one in. hehe)


To keep continuity/plot Ashton died before Nathan was born. Also this is AU and they are married.

  • Name: Nathaniel Dane Blood
  • Gender: Male
  • General Appearance: Put together but not trying hard. He’s fairly preppy meets frat boy attire. He loves collared shirts, stripes, and shorts. He’s tall, dark, and handsome—would you expect anything less between Scar/Keegan? Best asset is his smile, and has been known to have a cute bubble butt…
  • Personality: Charming, flirtatious, truthful, strong willed—Aloof, secretive, guarded, vengeful. 
  • Personification: Misery
  • Ability: Blood Manipulation

User can create, control and otherwise manipulate blood of oneself, others or from their surroundings. Can create constructs, missiles, shields, and even heal if necessary. Although for Nathaniel since his specific Personification he can only manipulate his blood aka cause anguish on himself to activate the ability. 

Minor healing abilities, but only with blood and is limited. 

  • Who they like better: His mother, Scar, since they both are a bit wicked in the head. They are not evil, since he doesn’t believe in the whole totally good and totally bad but he enjoys that he can say cruel things to her and she just giggles. 
  • Who they take after more: 50/50 the boy is fairly balanced between wanting to destroy others and wanting to fuck them. He can be really slutty and fun or horrible cruel and disastrous—your choice. 
  • Personal Head canon:

Nathaniel discovered his power slowly, since as a young kid his own misery and inclinations to hurt others made him not have many friends—which then resulted in his self harming while growing up. Granted it wasn’t the most ideal of situations but when he finally was eligible to attend Peregrine Ridge, he decided to stop the cutting and become an excellent student.

  • Face Claim:

There’s no Salvation for a Bad Girl † Vivian & Scarlett

Vivvvviaaaan! Come out, come out wherever you are!

I borrowed the keys to a new Bugatti.

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shirt, shoes, jeans, all off

shirt, shoes, jeans, all off

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Chaos is rejecting all you have learned, chaos is being yourself.

Therapy || Lysander + Scarlett


Just raised brows met her anxiety and the slightest bit of paranoid creeped up on him. At his core, Lysander was a simple man and his life had been blissfully simple for a while now and he fought the feeling that the other shoe was about to drop and that it may come from Scarlett’s foot. Mostly succeeding, he crossed the room to end up behind his desk, rolling out the chair to drop down into it. He wasn’t exactly approving of her visit, but he wasn’t dreading it either; that was saying something. “Not cancer, nothing that noble. I’m just looking around, trying to see if the way personifications are raised has a-” Stopping himself short, he realized she wouldn’t care; surely she wasn’t here to talk about his research, she was here to talk about herself.

Lysander wasn’t disappointed in his assumption as Scarlett spoke again and he nodded, of course. “Well, that’s my job, right?” He spread his hands to either side, palms up and gestured generally around the office. “Trainer, healer, sounds right up my alley. Sit. Tell me about it.” That’s who he was, and that’s who he always would be, the one people came to when they had feelings. It was interesting, really, how much more Lysander talked to people when they were in distress. But that was his job.

It was difficult for Scarlett not to smile, listening as he spoke of his research and seemingly cut himself off. Her fingers probed blindly the material of the chair in front of her, picking at the soft leather in an anxious manner. “I believe so, that personifications upbringing influences who they are. My Gemini views and expresses Chaos differently than I do, he’s more reserved.. a quiet chaos if you will..” She continued to speak on her opinion of his research as she took a seat, finding it easier to talk about this than what she’d really come in for. “My parents encouraged me, being who I was ..they wanted that. My chaos is loud and abrasive and shameless because that’s who I am.” Swallowing, Scarlett tried to ignore the forming knot in her thought, shifting uncomfortable in her seat despite it’s soft cushions. A half scowl flashed across her features when he spoke again, head shaking in clear objection. “Lys..”

Without thinking, Scarlett reached out, her arm extending over the desk so her hand could rest atop one of Lysander’s. “I didn’t.. come to you because you’re a trainer or a healer but because you’re my fr-” The word didn’t feel right. He wasn’t her friend, but he wasn’t just someone she confided in either. “You’re.. important me. I want you to know things not so you can.. help, you know them.” Not bothering to move her hand, Scarlett scooted to the edge of her seat, fingertips brushing over the back of Lys’ hand. “I missed you Lysander. I’ve not come to apologize because I feel sorry for nothing, but I want you to know I’ve missed you. I thought about you quite often while I was away, and I hope you thought of me as well.” Closing her eyes, Scarlett slowly exhaled, not giving him a change to really respond to her emotional confession. “I went home. I saw my family. My sister. You should meet them someday. They’d like you.” Huffing out a short laugh, Scarlett’s eyes twinkled with faint amusement. “I think they’d even be able to get past the extensive tattoos.” 

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"Inwardly she was like nature, chaotic and irrational. She had no vision into this chaos: it ruled her and swamped her. It sucked her into miasmas, into hurricanes, into caverns of blind suffering."

Anaïs Nin, from Ladders To Fire (via violentwavesofemotion)
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Well the solitude was nice while it lasted.


And what kind of sin have you been up to, sweetie?


Not enough. Come cause some with me.

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